We Have the Products,
You Have the Life

We have to products, you have the life spots start like any other commercial: beautiful people living the perfect life. But then real life hits and everything starts going wrong. Galaxus wants to advertise for the real world and life is often messy. The beginning is made to imitate well known commercials and only after the illusion gets destroyed does the actual advertisement for the online store begin. Even then it stays subtle, simply labeling products in the scene with a price tag and slogans spoken from the off. The online versions just keep going, creating the feeling of  watching someone’s life; because in a commercial there would have surely been a cut by now as the actual content has long ended?

Realized at Digitec Galaxus AG, 2019
Type: TV Commercial
Role: Art Direction
Film & Production: Plan B Film
ADC Switzerland 2020 – Silver (Category Commercials)

Ending 1

Ending 2

© 2021 Miriam Brack

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