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Digitec Galaxus AG is the roof under which the two online stores digitec and Galaxus operate. As an inhouse designer I was working on image campaigns but also created a lot of collateral material for both brands. This is a selection of 8 of those projects ranging from print to digital.

Realized at Digitec Galaxus AG, 2017–2019

Toy & Baby Ad

Since the banner advertises toys and baby products, I wanted it to be playful and cute. So I turned the prodcuts into floating ballons that burst on mouse-over interaction. The matching slogan reads «Our product range is bursting with toys and baby items».

Type: Online Banner
Role: Concept & Graphic Design

Fashion Flyer

This double sided, dual-lingual flyer was published at the beginning of summer. The early summer feeling of lightness and energy is expressed through product selection and layout. When the flyer is unfolded from the middle, the clothes seem to fly outwards with the movement. It was targeted to mostly women but needed to appeal to a younger and sporty, as well as a more elegant or business style demographic.

Type: Flyer
Role: Concept & Graphic Design

Porn Website Ads

Galaxus wanted to take advantage of the cheap ad space and place banners on porn websites. They should feature erotic and non-erotic products, and show Galaxus' cheeky side. The created ads play with double entendres, using the porn context surounding the ads but giving it a twist.

Type: Online Banners
Role: Copy & Graphic Design
Galaxus for assholes
Galaxus for call girls
Galaxus for the cream pie
Galaxus for three ways
Galaxus for leadership
Galaxus for the big finale
Galaxus for hot stuff
Galaxus for role play
Galaxus for long noodles
Galaxus for team players
Galaxus for interviews
Galaxus for animalistic pleasure

Galaxus Brochure

The Galaxus brochure is mix of brochure and magazine, displaying products whilst being a source of inspiration. Its style is in constant flux adjusting to context and theme of each edition. This ones topic was «water» as it was being published at the beginning of summer.

Type: Print Publication
Role: Concept & Graphic Design

Summer Sale Campaign

Galaxus summer sales are always using brand colors to create images or illustrations without showing any products (as the ads are designed before deals are finalized). This one was inspired by the shapes and colorfulness of price labels in small mediterranean corner stores and local farmers markets.

Type: Newspaper ads, tram posters, digital billboards, social media, online banners
Role: Art Direction & Graphic Design

digitec Soccer Sale

This was a sale during the soccer world championship advertising products related to watching the games. The products themselves are turned into players running after the ball, portraying the theme in a charming way.

Type: Online Banners, Social Media
Role: Concept & Graphic Design
Prepare for the World Championship. Sale until 28.5.18

Newspaper Sale Ads

In 2017 Galaxus published several newspaper sale ads, their concept was to have the products interact with type.

Type: Newspaper Ads
Role: Graphic Design

digitec Fall Sale

The fall sale is a playful twist on «sale hunters» and the fall hunting season, visualizing the products as horned animals.

Type: Newspaper Ads
Role: Concept & Graphic Design
The hunt is on: sale prices until the 2nd of October
The hunt is on: sale prices until the 2nd of October

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