Almost Everything for Almost Everyone

Fast alles für fast jeden (almost everything for almost everyone) is the slogan of the Swiss online store Galaxus and the message of this image campaign. The goal is to show the width and depth of their prodcut range of over 2.7 million items. To make this variety come to life, we designed 48 posters featuring over 70 products.

With the products at the heart of the campaign, curating a diverse mix was key: From everyday items to design classics, from iconic to quirky. The products were combined with the number of items in their category e.g. "249 egg cups" to highlight the depth of Galaxus's product range.

Realized at Digitec Galaxus AG, 2019
Type: Campaign
Role: Art Direction & Graphic Production

The intervowen text creates a physical space and interacts playfully with the products.
Poster placements next to each other were specialty booked to display curated product combinations which playfully interact with each other.
CMO: Martin Walthert
Creative Directon: Flurin Spring
Art Direction & Graphic Production: Miriam Brack, Silvia Meierhofer, Julian Stauffer
Photography: Thomas Kunz, Barbara Schuler
Head of Brand Managment: Sina Harms
Project Managament: Madeleine Bello

© 2021 Miriam Brack

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